Letters Of Gratitude

Approximately 2 years ago, our elderly mother became critically ill. While she was hospitalized, it was clear to me that if she lived to return home, she’d require 24 hour Home Care. I asked the Discharge Planner at the hospital for a few referrals on Home Care Managers…one of those referrals was Stevie Alexander.

We spoke by phone a long time. We talked about Home Care, and I realized Stevie was in tune to the needs of elderly persons and that her management style was very hands on…as demonstrated throughout our association. She goes the extra mile, extends herself, and picks up on details and checks things out to make sure all is well and in order. Before we even hired Stevie, she came to the hospital to meet my mother, my sister and me, demonstrating to us her interest in our Mom and her willingness to be involved with our family.

I’ve worked in Home Health for many years…one gets to know what qualities make up a super Care Manager. She is meticulous and kind, punctual, honest, intuitive, pro active and the list goes on. She sets a high bar for her staff and they are inspired to be the best at what they do. This is what you get with Stevie and company…dependable high quality managed home care. We are very grateful to Stevie for all the good she has done for our Mom.

– Keren H.

Stevie and her caregivers worked for our family until Kathryn died, and they were fantastic! … Kathryn was quite frail and required assistance on every level. We cannot say enough about the high level of professionalism and the genuine compassion exhibited by Stevie and her caregivers.

Stevie screens her caregivers very thoroughly and accepts only the most qualified, highly skilled, conscientious individuals. …This “hands on” approach by Stevie meant that each caregiver and family member was always aware of how Kathryn was doing and how the whole caregiving process was functioning. The family greatly appreciated this attention to detail by Stevie and her genuine interest in providing the best possible care for Kathryn. …We will always be grateful for the kindness and high quality of care Kathryn received during the last 2 -1/2 years of her life by Stevie and her Marin Independent Caregivers Network. They deserve an A+ rating!                                                      

– Marcia N.

The continuous caregiving provided by your caregivers was invaluable to me as Marcelle lay dying. Your personal concern was clearly evident as you introduced each caregiver to us and made sure that everything was in order. You also took the time to talk with me at our home. Equally important was your frequent telephone communication with me not only during the period of caregiving but also in subsequent calls to check on my well being. …I can recommend your services without reservation. Thanks so much for being there when the need was great.

– Al H.

Stevie was Care Manager for my aunt for 2-1/2 years. My aunt was extremely satisfied with her. Stevie did a marvelous job right up until the time when my aunt died. When my aunt passed away Stevie was right there with her until the end. My aunt would have nobody else, and I certainly agree with that.

During the period Stevie worked with my aunt, I suffered a stroke while returning home from a cruise. I was taken to a hospital in New York City. The following week I asked Stevie to help me get home. She immediately began working with the cruise line, my insurance company, hospitals and physicians in New York and San Francisco, to arrange for me to be taken from the hospital in New York to California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco by way of ground and air ambulance. …

When I excused my San Francisco caregiving agency, Stevie found and began managing 2 round the clock caregivers for me. I was very pleased with her choices. …At my request, Stevie also began handling my personal affairs. She is doing an excellent job, and I have great trust in her. …Stevie is very honest, capable, kind and trustworthy. I don’t know what my aunt and I would have done without her. …I highly recommend her.                                                                                                                                                                

– Edwin B.

A close friend recommended Stevie. …We met and liked her immediately. We felt so comfortable with her services and hired her to be my father’s Care Manager. …Stevie filled the bill.

It was such a relief knowing she was handling everything for us. She found the appropriate caregivers and beautifully managed our case. We knew we had found the best. …Stevie was always available, by phone or in person. We know we would not have received such reliable, personal service had we chosen to work with another agency. …It was wonderful having Stevie with him when he died. He wasn’t scared, so at ease with Stevie’s presence during his final moments.

…After my father’s death, Stevie stayed with us throughout the day, making calls to family, friends, and the funeral home for us. She attended the funeral service. This meant so much to us all. …We will always be grateful to Stevie for her devoted and loving care of my father in his time of need. …We highly recommend Stevie’s services to anyone needing home care.

– Richard & May V.